Monday, July 13, 2009

chunnel engraving

i found this awesome engraving in National Geographic magazine from a few years back, and was a compliment to a piece they were doing on the chunnel between england and france. the article in the mag was not that interesting ( i usually only look at the pictures, i know i'm like a child) but i saw this on the margins of the page. it is an 18th or 19th century engraving from england on the fear of french invasion by digging a tunnel under the english channel. i just thought this was quite fantastic. i love old engravings, tin types, photography, etc, i think they are so amazing. there is a great blog called BibliOdyssey  that features drawings and prints just of that sort, i actually have the book of their pictures i bought from barnes & noble. anyway, if you like this, you should check them out, they are one of my favorite blogs. 

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