Tuesday, April 27, 2010

weave away

 hand spun and naturally dyed with cochineal, safflower + weld, and indigo
 final double weave in progress

views of the weaving studio with sarah, kara, and rachel working hard at their looms

watercolor poppies

this is a screenprint design i am working on in print design. i've been somewhat interested in opium and so i designed a print with disguised motives of opium harvesting, opium pipes, and heroin surrounded by poppies and poppy pods. i tend to create conversational prints, even though this time i tried not to - i couldn't help myself :)

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

just plain amazing

iceland embroidery

these are recent works that i completed for the juried fellowship exhibition at my school. i proposed to travel to iceland this summer to study the landscape for my work. each image is inspired by specific locations in iceland known for their stunning landscape that i had planned to travel to. i dyed the warped threads, hand wove the fabric and embroidered on the surface. the phrase "pad kallar" means "it calls" in icelandic. i know the images are terrible, so bare with me...the color washed out a lot, i swear they are actually more brilliant than this!

daniaelle simonsen

textile artist daniaelle simonsen's works of stitched magazine clippings and chiffon. amazing. here is her blog and here is her website to see all her work.

dorian greyhound

just found this amazing doggie portrait on designsponge. hilarious.

hawlings have arrived!

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the franklin institute's hawk nest of the newly hatched chicks and parents are sooo cute!