Sunday, October 2, 2011


so i am finally trekking to iceland, after years of longing i am finally with an actual plan ticket, hotel reservations, and a booked rental car. and it's 3 weeks away! i will be traveling with my boyfriend dan, (who at first thought my i wanted to go to iceland because he thought i was part icelandic) and we will be there from october 21st - it will be in the 40s, windy and rainy. but hey! it's the trip of my dreams so nothing can get in my way! i made a map of our road trip (still in editing phase) of our 10 day travels in the land of fire and ice. more details soon to come as we get closer and closer... and don't worry, we'll be taking lots of videos and photos!

above is a photo of kirkjufell, which means "church rock" and yes, we will in fact be waking up to a view of this across the harbor from grundarfjordur where we will be staying one night :)

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