Thursday, December 8, 2011

Birthday Week: Food + Crafts Galore

ok so i meant to post everyday this week, but obviously that didn't quite work out. but here is what i did do:

tuesday december 6

food: han dynasty (front and chestnut) - spicy cucumbers + shrimp fried rice
         wawa hot turkey in gravy sandwich + english toffee late

 i treated myself to han dynasty, which i kept hearing from random people how good and how spicy it was so i decided to get that for my lunch. i heard that the dan dan noodles were exceptional, but it was a lot more pricey than i anticipated for chinese. so i ended up ordering the spicy cucumber appetizer and the shrimp fried rice. the spicy cucumbers were incredibly surprising; crunchy, crisp, fresh, garlicy, spicy, and savory. everyone at my work keep eating them. the shrimp fried rice was...well, shrimp fried rice. but i highly recommend the cucumbers. definitely glad i finally ended up going here.

i was supposed to be taken to the tortilla press in collingswood, nj for dinner after a doctor's appointment by my mom. it didn't work out, but she ended up taking me food shopping and treating me to my favorite wawa sandwich - the hot turkey. it's a shame this sublime sandwich is only seasonal, so i try to get it as often as i can before it's gone. i also got the english toffee latte, which is great. it is somewhat special because it is sorta nostalgic for me. my dad used to take us with him to wawa all the time and get us an english toffee, so for me the warm toffee aroma in my hands reminds me of yesteryear.

craft: holiday banner

unfortunately didn't finish it so i don't have a picture of it. but i started to make a festive, glittery holiday banner for my window... details to follow :)

wednesday *my birthday*

food: ate my left overs from han dynasty for lunch and got a wonderful surprise peanut butter chocolate mousse pie for my birthday was heaven!

CHIMA brazilian steakhouse for my birthday dinner.

oh. my. god. my boyfriend and i ate sooo much! perhaps one of the best birthday dinners to date, chima really was something special. definitely a "very special occassion" restaurant, this $60 a head all-you-can-eat gorge fest is not something i will be able to do again for a long time (just because it is so pricey). i ordered one of my favorite drinks - a white russian - and headed off to the salad bar, which had everything from gorgonzola mousse to artichokes. exceptional salad bar.

then the meat.

baby sirloin with garlic. butterfly lamb. sirloin. swordfish. salmon. bbq prok ribs. beef ribs (basically brisket). sausage. chicken. chicken wrapped in bacon. filet mignon. and a few more that i can't remember. my favorite was definitely the lamb and the sirloin, followed closely by the beef brisket/ribs. WOW dan and i kept saying "i've never had meat like this!"

i gave myself the night off with crafting last night. tonight i will be doing something very special to make up for it :) stay posted!

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