Monday, May 3, 2010

i spent my saturday surrounded by sheep

so i spent the day in west friendship, md on so far the hottest day of the year. luckily i wore shorts this time, which was a miracle itself. once again, there was lots of sheep that were bleeting like crazy, i'm sure they were dying under all that wool. last year i bought my weight in wool and still have most of it left over, so this time i decided to only get a few things. i purchased two books, A Perfect Red and Women's Work, The First 20,000 Years. i started reading The Perfect Red and its really interesting so far, it discusses the importance and meanings of red and red dye throughout history. i guess i have a big interest in dyeing right now because my research project for woven tech is natural dyeing and spinning. i also bought a bunch of antique copper stamps that include images of a plate of steak, a nurse helping a girl with polio walk, a guy sick in bed, an old time chevy (don't know the make of it), and a woman with a stain on her dress with the words "let us clean it for you!" i also bought two antique prints of the "long arm'd monkey" and a print of about 30 or 50 animals on it from the 1800s entitled "mammalia." so far i think i enjoyed this year's sheep festival more, not only because i had a companion this time, but because i laid in the shade under a tree for an hour listening to music and feel asleep. looking forward to next year's sheep and wool festival, who knows maybe next time i'll buy a spinning wheel and nap for two hours instead.

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