Monday, August 31, 2009

Trimmings and carpets and furniture, Oh My!

today i took a trip with my print professor and a fellow student to get a lot of discount fabric at jo-mar in whittaker, and on our way there we stopped at the most amazing and overwhelming store i've ever been to. material culture, an ENORMOUS store filled with any kind of eastern-influenced furniture, artifacts, trinkets, fabrics, carpets, pots and pans, books etc. it took us about an hour and a half just to browse the entirety of the store. this place was exactly where i want to buy all my furniture from, and i won't forget this place too easily. i could have kicked myself for not bringing a camera with me, just describing it doesn't do it justice. we found the most amazing pile of trimmings and sari borders and i ended up buying two incredible trimmings that are handmade are a reasonable price. sometimes the hidden treasures like that are sooo worth it. 

this is one of the two trimmings that i bought. this is so delicate yet so weighty, i love the feel of it. there are spots in the chain that are falling apart and i love that about this piece. if you look closely at the golden leaves you can see that the gold thread is actually wire that has been so finely coiled that it looks like beading. my favorite part about this piece is the fact that it is all stitched to newspaper! if you look at the last picture you can see that on the back there are letters and words on the base, the entire piece has newspaper as the base.

the trimming above is extraordinary and the picture doesn't do it justice either. the beautiful blue-grey silk with hand beaded, hand-stitched, and intricately coiled metal thread are spectacular. its things like this that i live for....

the pictures are terrible, i know but until i get a better camera we will all just have to deal with it. so the lesson of this post is to go to material culture and have just as an amazing experience as i did.

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