Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Speaking of a Sensorium...

Artist Finnbogi Petursson deals with the use of technology to help us engage with our senses more visually and on a higher level. For example, many of his works attempt to capture sound in a visually, like his work pictured here entitled Circle, (1991). In Circle Petursson hung a speaker that transmitted sound waves directly above a pool of water and projected the ripples it created on the wall. In his Watertanks Series, the piece Fire-Air is also an attempt to visually reproduce sound through fire which is really mesmerizing.

Petursson's work and many other Icelandic artists, like Olafur Eliasson deal with nature and our senses. I find it very interesting that Petursson and Eliasson share very similar ideas, Eliasson has done a piece similar to Circle but it focuses more on the viewer's movement on rickety walkways that creates the ripples in the water.

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